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PorterPartners Expands Network Affiliations

As we move forward in 2022, I am delighted to announce PorterPartners has added new affiliations with family office organizations.

We continue to be a trusted advisor for cannabis industry matters, and a growing “resource” for family offices investing in this industry.

As we move forward in 2022, I am delighted to announce PorterPartners has added new affiliations with family office organizations.

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis covers a lot of territory, and dates back less than two decades in the medical marijuana (and later recreational pot) sector in certain states in the U.S., although conflicts between state laws and federal laws still remain. Canada has recently legalized recreational marijuana, but it is anybody’s guess as to “if” and “when” this will occur at the federal level in the U.S.

Hemp, and cannabinoids derived from hemp (CBD, CBG and the like), are new to the cannabis scene, with partial legalization in 2014, and full federal legalization only since 2018. However, there are still many gray areas involving hemp and CBD while the USDA, FDA and DEA finalize policy decisions.

As a Trusted Advisor to family offices, we are available as a free resource for you to call for discussions on any aspect of the cannabis industry that may interest you. We will tell you what we know; give you our opinions; answer your questions to the best of our knowledge; and refer you to other trusted sources if we don’t know the answer.

A conversation is a two-way street, and we are keenly interested in hearing what you are doing in the cannabis sector and learning about where you think things are going. The more we can circulate factual knowledge amongst our affiliates, the better investment decisions we will all make. There is never any cost to family offices for discussions with us.

We cannot give legal, accounting and investment advice relating to any specific investment decision you have made or may be contemplating in the cannabis sector, but we can help you ask the pertinent questions and provide industry observations. There is an old adage that says “…some of the best deals you do are the ones you don’t do”, and we believe that is very true right now given the adverse market conditions affecting the hemp and CBD sectors. We are “bullish” on the future of CBD, but “bearish” and cautious on current investment situations. In fact, some of the best “opportunities” we are seeing now are “fire sale” asset acquisitions in the cannabinoid extraction and processing arena.

We Can Help You Ask The Pertinent Questions

We Love To Share Industry Knowledge

Porter Partners provides merchant banking services within the cannabis industry in the U.S. and Canada, and we are also looking ahead to certain European countries. We see a lot of “deal flow” and “vet” a lot of investment opportunities. We expect to circulate “abstracts” of private investment opportunities in cannabis that we feel should be brought to the attention of family office members to augment the “deal flow” you are already seeing. The more good deals to consider and compare, the better the odds of making a good investment decision. We love nothing more than to share industry knowledge and opinions from a wide variety of sources, and we want to talk to and get to know family offices members already active in, or prospectively interested in, cannabis investments.

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